Elektrischer Reporter – Nerds

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I just can’t say often enough, how much I like the episodes of the german elektrischer Reporter, but the current episode is a highlight again:

Kaki King – Bone Chaos in the Castle

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Review excerpt from a concert I recently were:

“She should be a terrific guitar player? I can’t believe that.” I thought. […] And then this happened:

Tiddy Bear

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32 songs in 8 minutes

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Here’s a small music knowledge competition: How much songs do you know from this video?

Via Spreeblick

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Steam Trek: The Moving Picture

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Steam Trek

Medieval helpdesk

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YouTube – Medieval helpdesk with English subtitles.


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Sara Bareilles – Ingrid Michaelson – Winter Song

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YouTube – Sara Bareilles – Ingrid Michaelson – Winter Song: Cuuuute.


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HandBrake. Looks like an interesting and useful DVD- and video converting app. It’s available for Mac OS, Linux and Windows.