Medieval helpdesk

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YouTube – Medieval helpdesk with English subtitles.


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Doctorow’s Little Brother in german newspaper

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Cory Doctorow’s “Little Brother”: Der Überwachungsstaat ist nur einen Klick entfernt.

Wow die Zeit reviews the book, even if it’s not available in german!

“Little Brother” in German

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The german version of Cory Doctorow’s newest novel Little Brother is legally available for download..

Star Trek – Titan

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Cross Cult brings up a new Star Trek novel series in germany, based on Star Trek 10 and William Riker!. *excited*

Books in today’s media world

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If you choose to read a book today, it’s not like a hundred years ago, when that was your only option. Today, when you read a book, you’re making a conscious decision not to play a video game, not to surf the web, not to watch a movie, not to turn on the TV. It does require a certain discipline to make that decision…

Quote from Neal Stephenson, found in Wil’s Weblog

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