Friend quote

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A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and will sing it
back to you when you forget the words.


Favorite Quote from Atonement

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The exclamation mark was the first resort of those who shout to make themselves clearer. Robbie Turner in Ian McEwan’s Atonement



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Ich leide gern für den Kick eines Tweets. aus “Funkloch” von Björn Grau

Kaki King – Bone Chaos in the Castle

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Review excerpt from a concert I recently were:

“She should be a terrific guitar player? I can’t believe that.” I thought. […] And then this happened:

Awesome titled email in the jQuery UI mailing list

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just read a awesome titled email in the jQuery UI mailing list: “Transparent GIFs not printing correctly” 😀 Tweet from Paul


Books in today’s media world

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If you choose to read a book today, it’s not like a hundred years ago, when that was your only option. Today, when you read a book, you’re making a conscious decision not to play a video game, not to surf the web, not to watch a movie, not to turn on the TV. It does require a certain discipline to make that decision…

Quote from Neal Stephenson, found in Wil’s Weblog

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